Lina Lumme, CEO of the Youth Center, has been working hard for The Youth Center since 2005 and has been sprinkled with awards in the past, but now it seems when it rains it pours. Recently, Lina was recognized by Assemblywoman Janet Nguyen and the California Legislature as 2022 Woman of Distinction. She was congratulated by the 72ndDistrict Assemblywoman for her dedication and service to the local community. “I recognize you for your time of service and all that you’ve done throughout the years for this community”, said the Assemblywoman, “Our district would not be what it is today without you”.

And though Lumme is quiet about her achievements, she also received a Kindness Award and Super Star Award from LAUSD Board Member Chris Forehan. She was also recently recognized with an Honorary Service Award from Los Alamitos Council of PTAs. This award is given to recognize an individual or organization for outstanding service to children and youth in the community going above and beyond what is asked of them. Lina Lumme is very prominent in the Every 15 Minutes program, annual community events, and is a very active member of the local community.

With the Youth Center’s new location opening in 2023, we look forward to new growth under Lumme’s leadership.