Applications for 2023 are now open!

Thank you to everyone who donated toys, gift cards, clothes, trees, and more this holiday season. Over 322 gifts were distributed to children and local families!❤️ We were able to adopt 58 families with a total of 113 children🎄

Chad Kidder Adopt a Family Program

Chad Kidder's Story
"I grew up very poor and often did not know when or how my next meal would come. I was 11 on a Thanksgiving day that my mom, my brother, and I had no plans, no foot to eat, and was planning on just putzing around the house for the day. I decided to go outside (and where I grew up, temperatures were often below zero around Thanksgiving). I just had to get out and away from the thought of my disposition. When I opened the door, I saw that someone left a Thanksgiving feast on the front porch. To this day, I do not know who left that meal but it changed my life forever." from Chad Kidder's email dated Nov 18, 2020
from Chad Kidder in 2021
The importance for supporting The Youth Center or children in general is key to my personal leadership model. Children don’t get to choose whatever life circumstances they are in. But we do. I often talk about the difference between being a manager and being a leader. Leadership isn’t just about the role in a company…it is about changing the world. If we are not giving the resources our guidance, how can we change the world? The children are our future. Embrace it…and make the world a better place.

Families sign up for assistance by completing an application and sharing their story of need. We review the family application to confirm the family has need. Last names and addresses are confidential. Family stories and the children’s wish list are shared with the supporter. Supporters go shopping. There is no dollar limit to what can be spent on gifts for the children or family. Gifts and gift cards must be labeled but unwrapped and are dropped off at the Youth Center between Dec 10 and 17 until 11 am. Families are notified to pick up their gifts on December 17th after 1 pm. Thank you cards are mailed to the supporters by our office along with a tax-deductible letter in January.

**Past recipients are not eligible.

The Adopt a Family program connects a generous individual, business or group with deserving children and families in need.

THANK YOU to RHA & Ganahlfor your partnership!