What are the Meeting Mindfulness Workshops?

Meeting Mindfulness is the name of our youth-led and youth-based initiative,
encompassing an innovative, engaging set of workshops created by the Youth
Center’s Leadership Council and in collaboration with mental health professionals.

1/30/24 – Mindful Yoga and Breathing

2/27/24 – Creative Connections | Part 1

3/26/24 – Creative Connections | Part 2

4/30/24 – Creative Connections | Part 3

5/28/24 – Creative Connections | Part 4

6/25/24 (Camp SHARK) – Mindful Painting by Color

5:30-6:45 pm @
10761 Los Alamitos Blvd,
Los Alamitos, CA 90720

7/30/24 (Camp SHARK) – Mindful Scavenger Hunt

8/27/24 – Mindful Bracelet Making

9/24/24 – Mindful Journaling

10/29/24 – Mindful Sculpting

11/12/24 – Mindful Affirmations

12/10/24 – Mindful Listening

– FAQ –

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What is the purpose of the workshop series?

As a group of passionate middle and high school leaders here at the Youth Center’s Leadership Council, our aim with this workshop series is to augment students’ mental health consciousness, cultivate a culture of mindfulness throughout the community, and empower youth of all ages to develop and grow their self-awareness and confidence. Through various mindfulness activities from yoga and breathing to mindful listening, we have crafted a 12-part series aiming to impact students in 6th-9th grade.

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What inspired these workshops? What’s the story behind the series?

The Leadership Council regularly meets throughout the year, always taking time to survey students and broaden our perspectives on youth needs and support within the community. As mental health is a current, prevalent concern amongst diverse audiences and groups, we decided to start an initiative that hopes to help youth from a youth based mindset; inspiration from board members can be found below. After test running the workshops at the Youth Center’s Summer Camp SHARK in 2023, we’ve refined and edited the workshops to fit various age ranges. We sincerely hope to create real change, real impact, and foster real support for students’ mental health.

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What is mindfulness, and why is it important?

Mindfulness is defined as “the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.” It is incredibly vital for students to understand and embrace mindfulness, as it can allow for the development of critical life skills and awareness. Helping with stress management, cultivating individualized, practical skills and coping mechanisms, contributing to destigmatization, and more, mindfulness finds itself resonating deeply with youth around the world. In essence, it builds resilience, balance, self-awareness, and one’s connection with themselves and the world around them. We aim to craft this consciousness at an early age through interactive, engaging workshops!

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What is the Creative Connections subseries?

Created by Kristen Chan, an experienced, dedicated Girl Scout striving to give back to her community through her Gold Award Project, the Creative Connections subseries introduces a more focused lens on mindfulness through comprehensive, original art therapy workshops. Inspired by the diverse individuality capacities of art, Creative Connections aims to enhance students’ perspectives on mental health by providing them with unique and inspiring outlets and skills.