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Partnership with
the Alliant Couple & Family Clinic

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Plus free consultation.

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We are proud to partner with New Hope

View U is group therapy for kids in middle school aimed to connect and empower youth through interactive therapeutic sessions.

View U will provide them opportunities to look deeper into themselves, learn more positive lifestyles, and enhance their capacity to make healthier life choices.

“My grandson is so happy to be a part of this program, he enjoys it a lot and I see such a huge difference in his behavior already. He will definitely be continuing with this program for a while” said grandma of middle school View U participant.

There’s no question that the pandemic has been hard on children, whether or not their schools have reopened. A flood of research in recent months has found alarming spikes in depression and anxiety among children and their parents. Parents reached out to us for help so we designed a program that can improve mental health for our youth. The View U program provides opportunities for youth to use their time in positive ways, identify and cope with problems, build self-esteem, develop peer leadership skills, participate in bullying prevention activities, and mentorship opportunities. This program will serve more than 500 youth annually.

The Youth Center is partnering with LAEF to provide View U services to Oak and McAuliffe Middle School Campuses.

Group Therapy at Middle Schools:

ViewU employs group therapy as a dynamic means to cultivate empathy. Through facilitated discussions and activities, students share experiences, deepening their understanding of peers’ feelings and challenges. This approach creates a communal space for emotional growth and connection.

Impactful Testimonials:

Our initiatives have garnered enthusiastic responses. A middle school student shared, “I’ve never laughed so much before!”—highlighting the positive experience of attending ViewU sessions. A parent commended the program for teaching their daughter to understand others’ perspectives, emphasizing the value of such skills learned at a young age.

Measuring Impact:

We commit to providing specific examples of successful outcomes, participant testimonials, and quantitative metrics showcasing the impact of our programs. Our data-driven approach ensures transparency and accountability, demonstrating the tangible results of our empathy-building initiatives.

Partnership with LAEF providing View U at Oak and McAuliffe Middle Schools

Our program provides targeted youth safe places with

  • Group workshops spanning 7 sessions
    1. Understanding the Power of You
    2. Managing Stressful Situations and Finding Peace Within You
    3. Leadership Networking and Social Skills
    4. Identify Your Leadership Style to Learn to Bring Out the Best in Others
    5. Tips for Successfully Planning Ahead and Time Management
    6. Finding Your Voice in a Chaotic World
    7. Looking Back, But Moving Forward: The Story of You
  • 1-on-1 support
  • Vision Makers
    • Monthly social hub that brings youth together for fun activities, games, life skills, and free snacks

There is a growing and unmet need for mental health services for children and youth.

Vision Makers Workshops

Kids in the After School Program participated in a fun personal insight activity led by Tara Farajian, LCSW & View U MSW Interns, Tina and Ruby. This mindful moment led the kids to recognize the connections we have with one another.

Monthly workshops, filled with age-appropriate activities, instill empathy in the formative years. Teaching concepts of understanding, compassion, and acceptance at this stage lays a foundation for positive social development.We serve the diverse communities of Orange and LA County, specifically targeting all elementary and middle schools within the Los Alamitos Unified School District. Our reach spans across various populations, impacting over 150 students annually.