Our programs offer a fun, safe and supervised place for youth to spend their time after school, build friendships, learn new skills, and discover their passions. Games, crafts, sports, library, music corner, science and tutoring/homework help are available at the center, along with life and leadership skill-building workshops, Open Mic Days, and Culinary Kitchen Lab. Free classes every week for our participants.

2 Locations:
  1. After School Academy (Grades 2-8) 10761 Los Alamitos Blvd. Los Alamitos (Across from Ganahl Lumber). Tuition: $10/day OR $45/weekly SAVE $5 Billed weekly
  2. Rossmoor Rascals (Grades 1-5) 3232 Hedwig Rd, Rossmoor (Pick up from Rossmoor & Lee). Tuition: $13/day OR $60/weekly SAVE $5 Billed weekly.
  • Monday – Leadership & Life Skills
  • Tuesday – Art & Mindfulness
  • Wednesday – STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
  • Thursday – Healthy Lifestyle & Cooking Skills
  • Friday – Fun Friday (Music, video games, walking trips, board games, competitions, open mic, Movie days, and more)
Hours of Operation:

August 14 – June 5| Monday – Friday 2:00 – 6:00 pm (open earlier on Minimum Days and Wednesdays based on LAUSD schedule)

Culinary Kitchen Lab

We integrated Healthy Living classes into our program, offering children an immersive experience in preparing nutritious meals. These classes not only provided valuable hands-on learning opportunities but also instilled in our participants a lasting appreciation for healthy eating habits. We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with the Seal Beach Lions, which has enabled us to bring esteemed chefs to our center each month. These culinary experts convey invaluable knowledge and skills to our young chefs, enriching our program with diverse culinary experiences and inspiring creativity in the kitchen.

LiamAge 5
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Cooking rice was like magic! I learned how to measure it and make it fluffy. My favorite part was using the sand toys to shape the rice into cool shapes!"
JacksonAge 9
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I never realized how much sugar was in my snacks until we started reading labels in cooking class. Now, I check them all the time and choose healthier options!
OliviaAge 10
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I never knew cooking could be so fun! I learned to make fried rice with different veggies and proteins. Now, I experiment with new ingredients all the time!

The revised curriculum for ages 5-7 has been met with enthusiasm and excitement from our participants. Lessons such as “Egg-citing Beginnings,” “Rice Adventures,” and “Pancake Palooza” have not only equipped children with essential cooking techniques but have also sparked a passion for healthy cooking and experimentation with nutritious ingredients. Meanwhile, the curriculum for ages 8-10 and 10-12 has continued to challenge and empower our youth, encouraging them to explore new flavors, master advanced cooking methods, and cultivate lifelong healthy habits.

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After School Programs

$10Starts at $10 for Youth Center, $13 for Rossmoor (when signed up for the week)
  • Daily rates $10/day for Youth Center Location, $13/day for Rossmoor
  • Grades 1- 8 | Two Locations | Daily or Weekly
  • Sports | Competitions | Free Classes
  • Games | Contests | Board Games | Movie Days


$1530 minute sessions
  • Affordable one-on-one help for 1-8 grades
  • Math, English, Reading, Writing, and more
  • Homework and Projects help
  • Monday through Friday between 2-6 p.m.


$25Siblings/Friends - $20
  • Scavenger Hunts | Talent Show
  • Dancing | Karaoke | Snacks
  • Arts & Crafts | Dress up Days
  • Every 3rd Friday of the Month | 6-10:30pm


  • Fun Themed Activities
  • Crafts | Art | Games
  • Contests and Prizes
  • Snack Shack Open

Thank You to our Amazing Partner!